Set of 6 Pcs Trauma Paramedic ENT Shears With Multi Color Stainless Steel Blades

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Revolutionary non stick surface. Long 7.5 inch blades are suitable for all medical staff, and for use in the home 1st aid kit too.
High quality 420 stainless steel serrated blades to cut through tough materials.
Milled serrations for easily cutting through the toughest material and for fast removal of clothing from trauma patients, dressings, fiberglass splints, and other restrictive items.
Stainless steel teflon coating for Anti-stick Anti-rust, eliminating the reflection, high quality for long service life; Ergonomic design handle, comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Designed with the safe blunted tip to protect patient from getting cut when using.
Have been tested for durability and can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures.

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